B-I-N-G-O and Books Were the Game-o!

On October 26, Community Day Webster hosted its first schoolwide literacy night. Parents and families were invited to join us for a fun-filled, book-filled event celebrating the start of the school year and our literacy initiative. For the past few weeks, teachers planned exciting activities to engage parents and students in the joy of reading. On Thursday, teachers and staff came to school in book-related attire; costumes included Miss Nelson, Harry Potter, Ms. Frizzle, and more and throughout the school day, students, and teachers built excitement for the evening.

At five o'clock, families and students participated in an opening bingo game, where players were competing to win books preselected by classroom teachers. More than 100 parents, students and family members participated in the energetic rounds of bingo. Afterward, the groups dispersed to classrooms by grade. Once there, teachers introduced our fall read-a-thon, a four-week reading competition to have students go above and beyond their daily reading amounts. Goals were shared and tracking calendars distributed.

Finally, each class ended the evening with an engaging, literacy-related activity. Students created and colored bookmarks, viewed "book trailer" videos, and much more. The evening wrapped up with many happy faces and new books to read. Overall, it was a huge success!