Community Day Learning


Latchkey Celebrates with Performance by New Inca Son

The Community Lay Learning Latchkey Program provided kids many wonderful in depth learning opportunities. Since children learn best by making "connections," Latchkey works to incorporate all subject areas and connects them to the unit of study. This year, the program is studying our neighbor to our south, the continent of South America. The rich cultures and history lend themselves to reaching out to all age groups.

Curriculum includes map skill, social studies, art, science, physical education, and geography, introduced in a way that the kids "own" the learning. This approach helps to "cement" their learning and it makes the learning fun. When the kids are having fun they learn naturally. The students experienced the culture, language, foods, song, dance, animals, geography, countries, capitals, products of the country, dress and so much more.

Through a grant from the Lawrence Cultural Council, Latchkey brought in New Inca Son to teach the kids dances and learn about the instruments of Peru during April vacation. This is just the start of the celebration of their accomplishments, which will culminate at Family Night where the kids will perform with New Inca Son and display the work they have done all session. It is quite impressive!

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