The PAB meets regularly, giving parents the opportunity to plan programs that encourage parental involvement in the school.

Areas addressed in meetings range from curriculum and academic issues to fundraising events that provide support to school programs. Meetings are open to all parents and staff and translation and child care are provided.

2018-19 Meeting Schedule

2018-19 Minutes



Paulina Taveras

Yanet Bernabel


Nardy Vega

Parent Advisory Board Members

Elizabeth Suriel-Marra
Marieli Ramirez
Andres Mazara
Noelia Arias
Sofiely Franco
Cynthis Marrero
Glendy Rivera
Yadira Batista
Kymberly Arnao-Castillo
Lilliam Serrano
Cesy Olivero
Miguelina Rosario
Clara Hogu
Ines Ramirez
Tatiana Vargas
Milcia Abreu
Genaro Gonzalez