The PAB meets regularly, giving parents the opportunity to plan programs that encourage parental involvement in the school.

Areas addressed in meetings range from curriculum and academic issues to fundraising events that provide support to school programs. Meetings are open to all parents and staff and translation and child care are provided.

2018-19 Meeting Schedule

Meeting Minutes

Calendar Raffle Award Winners:

12/3 $100 Cash - Wilmara Santana
12/4 $50 Lucia’s Beauty Salon and $50 Makeup Certificates - Zach Lacrois
12/5 Choice Fitness 1 Month Memberships - Cynthia Fernandez
12/6 2 AMC Movie Passes - Genesis Rodriguez
12/7 $15 Tripoli’s Gift Certificate - Ingrid Hilario
12/10 $20 Pure Aveda Salon and $ 50 Make-up Gift Certificates - Salvatore Lupoli
12/11 $25 Fuddruckers Gift Certificate - Elias Medina
12/12 $25 Granfanally’s Gift Card - Rosa Recinos
12/13 $100 Target Gift Card (Winner TBD)
12/14 Launch Trampoline Gift Basket - Juan Ortega

2018-2019 School Year

Julie Santiago and Yoraider Castillo

Vice President:

Jason Rivera


Ingrid Portorreal


Jessica Rivera

Fundraising Coordinator-

Christina Lopez

Board Members

Luisa Arce
Nikki Rodriguez
Lucia Rondon