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2023 In-Service Award Recipients
On June 2, The Community Group (TCG) held its annual In-Service Day. 
 It's the one day a year when TCG program employees and directors unite with teachers and leaders from Community Day Charter Public School (CDCPS.) It is a sight to see over 550 team members gather together to celebrate our joint mission of providing quality educational opportunities to the city of Lawrence.
During this day we also recognize two outstanding staff members with an In-Service Award who have been nominated by their peers. One for an employee who works at a TCG agency program and one for a CDCPS employee.
This year, Massiel Tremols from Child Care Circuit (CCC) and Rachel Fiddleman, Head of School at CDCPS were both given this honor.
Massiel Tremols, DTA Voucher Supervisor, at Child Care Circuit works closely with child care providers, parents, staff, and state agencies.  She is responsible for interviewing, hiring, and training staff in the voucher department along with being the agency fair hearing representative, and DTA liaison.  She also performs monthly case reviews and monitors all aspects of voucher projects. 
Massiet was nominated for this award by several of her colleagues who recognized her hard work ethic, honesty, dedication, and commitment to her job, the agency, and co-workers.
Some amazing attributes co-workers noted about Massiel were  “[S]he is very efficient with everything she does.  She assists co-workers with anything we need help with and also recognizes and appreciates  the good work we do.”
She brings a positive high energy and cares about delivering high-quality work.”  She is a good manager” … “always available to give advice and help problem-solve.”
She always accepts any assignment or challenges head-on and creates changes to improve project outcomes and is an excellent supervisor and collaborator.”
 We congratulate Massiel on all her accomplishments and are happy we could recognize her for her hard work.
Massiel photographed with CEO, Marie Moeller


Rachel Fiddleman, Head of School at CDCPS-R. Kingman Webster Lower School was nominated by her staff and peers to be the recipient of the 2023 In-Service Award.
As Head of School Rachel works directly with teachers, staff, students, and families to ensure the CDCPS school community is safe, supportive, and joyful, and that our students are receiving an excellent education each day.
The CDCPS community recognizes her hard work as Rachel received multiple nominations for an In-Service Award.   They had many wonderful things to say about Rachel and her contributions to CDCPS. 
Rachel consistently goes above and beyond to support her staff and works really hard to create and maintain a positive working environment for all of her employees.  She advocates for her employees and balances being supportive with being honest and fair.  She also takes on extra responsibilities in order to keep the school as a whole running smoothly.”
"Ms. Fiddleman is a rockstar. She can solve any problem and is always willing to help”
"She  is the most understanding and caring boss. She always makes me feel cared for and confident.”
Rachel truly cares about her team and she is not just a boss.  She is full of positive praise that keeps us motivated.”
Thank you for being a rock star, Rachel, and leading your staff with support, dedication, and understanding.  
Rachel photographed with CEO, Marie Moeller