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Marlies Zammuto, a Celebration
Marlies Zammuto, a Celebration

Marlies Zammuto worked with The Community Group for almost 25 years, during which time she made a lasting impact on our programs, our children, their families and on each and every one of us who worked with her. We will be thinking of her this month on her birthday and take this opportunity to share some of our Marlies memories.

Marlies was an innovator who could identify need and respond to it in creative ways. She came to us as a founder of The Mother Connection, a support program for mothers and their children. At TCG, she was a member of the team that founded Child Care Circuit, our Resource and Referral agency. She was the founder, the motivating force and the manager of our training program which supported professional development for thousands of educators during her tenure. In addition, Marlies also played a key role in the founding of our charter elementary schools. From TCG, she joined the wonderful Brazelton Touchpoints where she continued her work for children and their families.

Indeed Marlies' career of nearly 50 years was an incredible journey of advocacy, support, and inspiration for an amazingly diverse population of women and their children. As we look back, we treasure our memories of her as a friend. We remember all the laughter and joy she brought to us and her example in living the full and imaginative life.