For Parents

The PAB meets regularly, giving parents the opportunity to plan programs that encourage parental involvement in the school. Areas addressed in meetings range from curriculum and academic issues to fundraising events that provide support to school programs. Meetings are open to all parents and staff.

2018-19 Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held at the Lower School cafeteria at 6 p.m. Translation and child care are provided.

Winter Potluck will be Jan. 7 6:30 Greater Lawrence Voc. and replaces the January meeting

2018-19 Minutes

Election Documents

Election Nominations Form (Spanish)

PAB Election Guidelines

School Lunch Menu
Current Month

PAB Officers

President: Massiel Muñozdeleon

Treasure: Hazel Robles

Secretary: Nydia Rosario

Box top coordinator: Ana Rodriguez

Parents Breakfast coordinator: Susan Laplante

8th grade parents: Yokaira Acosta and Ligi Melendez

Fundraiser coordinator: Susan Laplantee Representative: Sue Petrakis